Life is Water’s Miracle

Water Conservation Raising Awareness Campaign in War Time

Green Globe worked during 2013 and 2014 on the Green Citizenship program Life is Water’s Miracle & Water Conservation Raising Awareness Campaign in War Time.
“Life is the miracle of Water” is the education of a new approach of considering the importance of water in Life existence, & “Water Conservation in Lebanon” is the education of new practices. They were the main ideas to defend, through a national raising awareness campaign, and to explain the very high importance of Water in the World, and the very high importance of Water of Lebanon in the life of the whole Middle East, which makes Lebanon the only Middle Eastern garden. This project achieved particularly effective results in the field of raising awareness in water issues in very difficult and very dangerous circumstances. Green Globe implemented this project among and through non-stopped fanatical wars and extremists movements and under bombs like they were especially the cases in Tripoli in North Lebanon and in Sidon & Abra in South Lebanon and through bomb cars like it was the case in Beirut.


This project targeted and is still targeting a complete changing of the Lebanese & Middle Eastern society with the creation of a new green citizenship based on the respect of water as a main treasure preaching a national economy based on Water facing the economies of the region based on petrol. The project concerned mainly a Capacity Building in all kind of water issues of around 1.000 teachers of around 500 private and public schools of Lebanon as well as trainers of the Ministry of Education, touching through them around 100.000 students which means around 20% of the Lebanese students. The Green Globe Capacity building project is all about water: Approach, Importance, Economy, Pollution, Conservation, Water as Renewable Energy, Waste Water management, Water in the Arab countries and Water in the World…All this, with facts and figures and new slogans and tools for the youth.