Green Globe is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO). Green Globe was founded in Lebanon on the 28th of February 2000. It is registered at the Interior Ministry, No. 2343 in 2009.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the miracle of Life continues in harmony between all God’s creatures. We envision a world where Men, Instruments of Peace, they can live all in respect and in solidarity, where they can decide all together a peaceful future in a Green Globe, and in the majesty of the Universe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Life on Earth, We do so by helping people to live in Peace, in Social Justice & in Democracy having complete Human Rights. With them & for them we fight poverty, hunger, pain & injustice and we protect their Cultural Heritage. Our role is to provide Humanity a Sustainable Life & a Sustainable Green Globe by protecting the natural resources of our planet, fighting climate change, advocating the use of the gift of agriculture & the Renewable Energy.

Green Globe Objectives

Green Globe main objective in Lebanon and the MENA area is to work for a green globe in the fields of:
1-Environment, Climate Change and Renewable Energy.
2-Sustainable Development, Agriculture and Cultural Heritage.
3-Human rights, women and children rights.
4-Fighting Hunger, pain and injustice.
5-Peace and Democracy.

Green Globe Strategy

1-Creating a green citizen through cooperation with Ministry of Education and High Education in Lebanon, Schools, Universities & Institutions.
2-Creating a green generation through capacity building in Leadership, Advocacy, Environment, Sustainable Development, Communication and Social Media for young Lebanese.
3-Advocating cases in Environment, Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Peace and Democracy.
4-Implementing green and sustainable field projects.
5-Creating a green civil society by creating the Lebanese Green Network (LGN) & other networks.


Green Globe Achievements

1-Raising Awareness for 5.000 Lebanese school and university students through lectures and activities all over Lebanon.
2-Capacity Building in Environment for 150 trainers and professors all over Lebanon, Including trainers of Ministry of Education.
3-Capacity Building in Leadership, Advocacy, Environment, Sustainable Development, Communication and Social Media for 130 young Lebanese University students in Beqaa and South Lebanon.
4-Participation to 50 national and international seminars and workshops.
5-Report about Environment in Lebanon. 6-Forestation in different Lebanese regions.

Green Globe Annual Report 2013